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Movie Review: Chris Rock's New Film 'Top Five' Easily One Of The Best Comedy Films Of 2014!

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TOP FIVETop Five, a rom-com, written, directed, and starred in by Chris Rock takes us on the journey of a once on top of the world, stand up comedian and actor by the name of Andre Allen (played by Chris Rock) trying to get his career back on track after suffering from an alcohol addiction and hitting rock bottom.

After producing several horrible films post his sobriety, he fears he will never be funny again, sober. Andre Allen tells his story through an interview he does with a beautiful, Cinderella-story obsessed journalist by the name of Chelsea Brown (played by Rosario Dawson) who works for The New York Times.

It is poetically funny, unpredictable, and original. The thought provoking debates about politics, racism, and hip hop, makes it a little more than just the typical romantic comedy. “Who are your top five?” he asks throughout the movie, referencing to the greatest MC’s of all time.

The uproars of laughter from the audience are consistent and the style of comedy is reminiscent to that of a Woody Allen film, or an episode of the television show, Louie. Cameos include Kevin Hart, Adam Sandler, Whoopi Goldberg, and Jerry Seinfeld. This is arguably the best comedy of 2014, and in the top five comedies of the 2000’s. It’s a must see.

Top Five is now playing nation wide at a theater near you.

Grade A

By Erica Galloway

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