Mike Epps Responds To Chris Rock Calling Him The Better Comedian

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In a VladTV exclusive interview with Deon Cole, Cole let us in on some of the best advice another comedian has given him, and told us while hanging with Chris Rock, that Rock said Mike Epps was a better comedian than him. Rock went on to tell Cole why Epps was a better comedian saying things like “He freestyles, he goes all around the stage; people love him.. he has all these characters, and he’s animated…” But Rock goes on to tell Cole that he chooses better jokes then Mike and that life is all about choices.

Mike Epps responded to the interview today via Instagram saying, “Honored but confused ! I would love to do a show with Chris Rock Funny ass ! Thanx @chrisrock you open the door for me brother! you are a very smart funny man I watched you growin up on SNL new jack city was powerful in the art of actin with a lot of range!”

Will we see the pair come together soon? We’ll have to wait and see.

Source: Vlad TV

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