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EXCLUSIVE: Mike Epps’ Next Film Is ‘Meet The Blacks 2’ And Will Be A Parody To The Hit ‘Get Out’!

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It may not come to you as a surprise, as Meet The Blacks was such a huge success on a limited budget (made for around $800k and grossed over $5M), but the hit film that was a parody of the film The Purge is coming back with a sequel!

According to our sources, the film that starred Mike Epps, Gary Owen, Bresha Webb, Paul Mooney, Lavell Crawford, DeRay Davis, Charlie Murphy, Andrew Bachelor (and more), is going to start filming again in June as a new parody, except this one as a parody from the hit film Get Out.

According to our sources, the film will be underway in June and everyone from the cast (with the exception of Charlie Murphy because of his untimely death) will be back. The film will again be directed by Deon Taylor and again written by Taylor and Nicole DeMasi.

This story is still developing!




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