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Martin Lawrence To Come Back To Television With A New Comedy Series!

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Ok, we were sitting on this and got scooped by the New Yorker Magazine! Anyway, we discovered that comedian/actor Martin Lawrence is about to come back to television with his own new series on CBS! Even though the deal is not yet final, we do hear that the deal is still being worked on but should be finalized soon.

The deal is supposedly going to allow Lawrence to not only star in but also Executive Produce the show. We did hear that former show Executive Bentley Evans (of Love That Girl) is also said to be on board for this show, but we will confirm soon.

If you recall, Lawrence has not starred in a sitcom since he had his own which started on the Fox titled Martin, and ran from 1992 to 1997.  From there he landed in many films on the big screen with franchises such as Bad Boys and Big Momma’s House just to name a few. Since his TV series he has only guest starred in a series that he Executive Produces titled  Love That Girl! for TV One and the comedy stand up series Martin Lawrence Presents 1st Amendment for Starz.

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  1. Latonya

    I hope he does come back to television. Martin’s a comedic genius. I cant wait!!!! but until then, I will continue on my comedic and actress path and hope that one day I will get to work with him. Good Luck Martin!!!

  2. jr phillips

    get me in big momma house 4 with you martin lawrence and when you do that just write me back to jonestownmisspobox3438639217mainstreet in cakk me to my number is 16623584505 i cant wait to in i want yoy to hurry up in do another come bask show to i mint you to do ANOTHER COME BACK SHOW TO AND I ESPICIALLY CNT WAIT TO YOU DO BIG MOMMA HUSE 4 TO IN ANOTHER COME BAK SHOW TRY TO GET ME ON YOUR COME BAK SHOW TO?

  3. jr phillips


  4. jr phillips

    martin keep on getting on love that girl show to you steve urkel and will smith and carlton and may be i can do work with you to and keep up the good work martin and cant wait to i get a chance to get on your next movie to martin cuz if that an happen and martin i am going to watch skank robbers in bad boys in check out men in black 3 may 25 2012 by will smith in try to hook back up with tommy cole gina in cole in reason why i said that because i want you to you already hosting love that girl show and now i want you to do another martin come back show and i watch love that girl show every monday and write back and and if you can send me a million dollars to jonestownmisspobox3438639217mainstreet thats if god can work that out martin do it for me cuz if it happen because i am trying to get on out of the house and make money and do it big and be a star just like you and i know i might have haters but i am not worrying about them because i know you have haters and like i said keep up the good work and dont stop and please i martin i am bagging do it for me gone head and do a martin come back show and get back on stage to in do another comedy show martin cuz and do another big momma house to martin and get me on the next big momma house to martin if you can and send me your number to snd call me martin to my number is 16623584505 bye and god bless yall see ya peace out call and write back hit me back up at asap hope to hear back from you later becuase i am dying to become a star already to martin i holla?

  5. jr phillips

    and martin i most definately want you to check out safe house by denzel washington and my last comment tell will smith to do another ali movie part 2

  6. jr phillips

    and aafe house comes out to theater february 10 2012

  7. jr phillips

    tell will smith to do another hancock movie to in martin get on nere with him in tell him to do it in 3d

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