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Martin Lawrence Set To Debut Major Comedy Tour in 2011!

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Insiders have just revealed to us that actor/comedian Martin Lawrence is about to make an official comeback to the stage for a major comedy tour that will be set for 2011, and possibly land in more than 15 major cities!

Our insiders have also revealed that Lawrence will be possibly branching into other ventures, but we can’t spill the beans on that yet; not until we confirm those items.

What we can say is that Lawrence is about to have some serious heat on him in 2011, and it will be something to watch for as it hasn’t happened for him like this in awhile.

It seems that Lawrence is not only going on tour, but he is also set to star in Big Momma’s; Like Father Like Son with Brandon T. Jackson, and he is preparing to film The Skank Robbers with Jamie Foxx, plus Men In Black 3 with Will Smith. For television he is Executive Producing his new show on TV One titled Love That Girl, (with a strong possibility of several other shows coming down the pike that will be on TV One also) and we hear that Starz is about to finalize a decision on a sixth season of Martin Lawrence’s 1st Amendment, which as you already know is the number one show on the network.

All in all, it is shaping up to be a very busy 2011 for Martin Lawrence. As we find out more news we will drop it here so stay tuned!

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  1. shari

    Omg! I am the biggest martin lawrence fan! If he comes to atlanta, I will be in the front row!

  2. Darlene Perryman

    I love Marin Lawrence, if he comes to Chicago I’m there. Hey Martin, I would like to know how to audition for the parts in you new TV shows you have in the works. Email me.

  3. MsWilliamsWorld

    Will always love ol’ Marty-Mart–very curious to see his stand-up chops again. Not feelin’ the “Big Momma’s House” movies, though. 🙁

  4. courtney

    Love your work brother for years. If you need a venue for your show in miami def contact me. I would love to help with the preparations.

  5. Cathy Lee

    Hello Martin, I’d like to start by saying congrats on all you are about to do in 2011.I hope I’m included in the next season of 1st Ammendment Comedy. I’d greatly appreciate any information on where and how to audition. Thank you so much in advance for any information on this.

  6. Andre Sanders

    I knew it would come to past. I said to myself, Martin Lawrence needs to get back on stage again. Leave to bad scripts alone. Hoping for, Bad Boys 3, as well as getting Eddie Murphy to join him on a hot comedy script. NJ home of The NY Jets. New Jersey needs a real good laugh.

  7. WANDA

    Hello Martin, when are you coming to Chicago,Il?

  8. Lisa Williams

    Hello martin Lawrence, I just wanted to know when you where going to do auditions in sac town or anywhere in Cali for first amendment stand-up or casting for your new sithcom.” How can I be down” I know I can be an asset to you,your company and myself.”Holla back”/ Sunshine!

  9. Nicole

    Love you and your work! Keep doing what you do Marty, Marty!!! XOXOXOXO

  10. jr phillips

    martin lawrence all i want to say get me on your next movie with will smith and call me to 16623584505 and send me your number to jonestownmisspobox3438639217mainstreet in try to come to mississippi you know just try to come to clarksdale ms and i am dying to meet you will smith chris tucker and steve urkel thats if god willing will say so because i am following and chasing my dreams to and thats if my dreams come true marty martin and you are so crazy to me to and i cant wait to you do even though the deal are yet final and do a movie with chris tucker to and do one with steve urkel to and do on w with mike epps to and tell mike epps that one of his fan said do another movie with dewayane johnson to and martin i want you to do a movie with dewyane johnson to and cant wait for you to do a come back show to and tell will smith to do a come back show to and tell him that he is so crazy to me to and i am a big big big fan of yall to martin cuz and that whats up dog hit me back up at asap later bye and god bless peace?

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