Luenell Goes Off On BET!

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It seems that the comedian known as Luenell was all set to have an appearance on the 2013 BET Hip Hop Awards, and when she watched the show, she noticed that her segment was noticeably absent from the show. According to her photo (which was proof of her skit) and her Instagram statement she was supposed to have an appearance. It looks like BET left her segment on the editing room floor and Luenell didn’t like it one bit.


Check out what she said;

FUCK YOU B.E.T., You RAGGEDY MUTHA FUKKAS! I KNEW y’all was Shady but u Bastards CUT ME OUT of “The Other Butler” skit w/my FRIEND Snoop! How embarrassing for my daughter to tell all her friends & I don’t show Up! Thank God I have this picture to even Prove what I’m saying is TRU! OH, and the Check stub! When we were n Atlanta for the actual show taping, y’all played it & everybody saw it then u Cut it out of the broadcast! Foul. Maybe it was a time thang. I dunno but this is the Stank treatment you all have been giving us Comic View comics every since the show went off the air. You don’t even have a Best Comic award CATEGORY on your funky ass BET awards show! Comic View kept your Step & Fetchit asses on the air FOR YEARS! Sorry people, I’m venting because that shit was not right. I’m callin’ Snoop. His camp will make me feel better about this disgraceful disrespectful kick in the teeth…. Smh #andthestrugglecontinues #itwillgetbetter #Godhasaplanforme

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  1. Stevie Mack

    LOL at #Godhasaplanforme …. after all that shyt talking…hilarious!


    Why is Luenell so upset on getting edited out of the BET award? That is just show business. That happen sometimes and she got got paid. So what is the fuss about. U do not hear Snoop Dogg crying over being edited.

    • Luenell

      Ernest, Snoop doesn’t Cry, #1 and #2 he Also didn’t get edited out u freak. I vented, it’s done & So WHAT. God loves and forgives people who curse just like he lives and forgives Serial Killers. Thank Gid I only have to answer to HIM and not You or anybody else. BOOM!

  3. Lynnette

    Luenell, Thi sis tha main reason I don’t watch BET awards or anything eles they have on TV.. They do not look out for the improvemnet of blacks but will step over them in a minute. That why shows like the Game faulter. We faught to bring it back only why so a control freak can change the whole Dynamic. you’re to nice so I will say it: #fuckbetandthepowersthatbe. AMEN. As I drop the mike and walk off the stage…

  4. jesayin

    Luenell is evidently not that experienced in tv if she doesn’t know that this happens ALL the time. It usually has everything to do with time. Then she throws god in there after using every cuss word in the book. #classic # smh

  5. Luenell

    Thou shall not judge so, shake ur head all you wanna hunti…..



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