'Love That Girl' Sets To Return To TV One WITHOUT Actress Tatyana Ali!

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Tatyana AliWe just discovered from our sources that Love That Girl is coming back to TV One next season WITHOUT it’s star actress Tatyana Ali!

We hear the show will be filming 33 episodes for TV One and its currently in pre-production now. Our sources also state that the show will move forward with actress Jennifer Freeman (best know as the daughter to Damon Wayans‘ character in ABC’s My Wife & Kids), as she will play the cousin of Ali’s character.

Now before we let your imagination run wild, there is no animosity with Ali or the producers of the show. It turns out that Ali signed a contract to be on 2nd Generation Wayans and moved forward with that show (which now looks like it may not be returning to BET) and her contract stipulates that she can not be on two shows on rival networks at the same time. With this being said, Love That Girl wasn’t even in production at that time, and as an actress Ali has to work so her decision in this matter makes a lot of sense.

Now since the producers are moving forward without her character for this season, you can expect that her character will be written back in if the show is picked up for next season. We have to admit, it will be interesting to see how this show plays out without her character.

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  1. Vicki

    I hope that it all works out for the show and Tatyana and that she will return and the ratings don’t dip!

  2. Totrue

    This is happening for so many black actors on these cable networks. One, because they dont make much money and two, shelf life is short on these black sitcoms.
    Mainstream sitcoms, where the real ad dollars are, arent offering roles to black actresses so Tatiyana, Tracy ellis and them have to take what they can get to pay the bills.

    These are sad times in tv. You’d think the door of opportunities would be broader but its so limited, TV is damn near segregated. 90% of all the black talent are on “black networks”

  3. C.j. Brewer

    This is just not right! I do hope she comes back because she was a major part of the show!

  4. Rachelle

    I know this show and post is old but I was just thinking about it. I knew once Tatyana was gone it would fail. I tried to watch but they gave Immunique (Bresha Webb) too much screen time and one could only take but so much of her irritating and horrible over the top ratchetness.

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