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Love That Girl Producer Bentley Evans Gives Us The Secret To Sitcom Survival & How He Has Made It Work!


Here is an interview that we were able to conduct with Executive Producer Bentley K. Evans who was one of the instrumental people in some of your favorite television shows, like Martin and The Jamie Foxx Show. Evans also was an actor and is currently a writer on several projects, but his most recent project that he has written, directed and Executive Produced is TV One’s new hit show titled Love That Girl which features Tatyana Ali.

This show, also Executive Produced by Martin Lawrence is about to kick off it’s new season January 10th at 9PM.

We were able to discuss with Evans how he got started in the business, and how he has been able to maintain producing sitcoms for networks even though the current television system is telling the industry that sitcoms don’t work anymore. Well, Evans has proven them all wrong as he is producing this sitcom and several others in the very near future. Evans discloses with us all of his methods to getting his shows on air.

Anyway, here is the interview!

In case you missed Love That Girl, here is a clip of the upcoming season;

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  1. philD

    Mr. Evans continues to make wonderful television shows that keeps my laughter energy at high level!! LOL

  2. anthony

    i love the show!! however, i dont like whats his name, latrell. he is not funny at all. please replace him asap!!!! he makes the show stupid!!!

  3. ted

    that entire show belongs in the garbage.

  4. Shermone Freeman

    Oh my goodness I can’t believe my whole life was played out on television as Shanaynay. I know it wasn’t a coincidence. I’m from Detroit, I’m a hairstylist, I was on love connection. All my sayings are the same as shanaynay’s. She even had on the same outfit that I had on on love connection. We went on the same date. She was the same age I was. They took my first name and my nickname and put it all together. I know it wasn’t you Bentley I know it was someone that we both know. Who gave you the idea of Shanaynay. Everyone was telling me that was me on TV. I said that ugly heifer ain’t me. Please let me know.

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