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Kid N' Play Making A Comeback?

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As we all know, the infamous rap group known as Kid N Play (which was The duo was composed of Christopher “Kid” Reid  and Christopher “Play” Martin) dominated the early 90’s with the House Party franchise. That film franchise combined with a stellar hip hop career put those two in the rap history books while it also introduced the world to a brand new type of comedy films; films that consisted of rappers, when at the time rappers were only introduced into gansta films.

Well fast forward 22 years later and neither of the two are at that same superstar status, as they both have had careers doing different things. It seems that they had separated from doing projects together.

Anyway, several days ago, the duo posted an open letter to the Hollywood industry announcing that they have paired again, and that they are interested in jumping back into films. Here is the letter;

Dear Extended Family, Friends & Fans of Kid N Play:

2012 year marks the 22nd Annual Reunion of Kid N Play: House Party. Wow, how does time fly, when you’re having fun.  It just seems like yesterday, when we did our first kick-step and House Party hit the big screen.  The past few years have been very busy and exciting from touring to teaching and being on a number of television shows – click the following link to watch a Kid N Play live performance clip on the George Lopez Show: .

We are writing you today to let you all know that we have been working on two things: (1) shooting a series of us traveling from coast-to-coast (Los Angeles to New York to Miami to Atlanta and every-in-between; and (2) shooting a film pilot for a movie entitled ‘SkyKapz’ (see project synopsis online at: ).  SkyKapz is an inspiring and entertaining story of two lifelong friends as they work and play together at a major metropolitan airport while struggling to break through in the entertainment industry.  Christopher “Kid” Reid and Christopher “Play” Martin (a/k/a “Kid N Play”) will play the lead roles, while experienced Hollywood actors will be placed in key supporting roles and cameos from some of the leading figures in the comedy and hip-hop industries.  Kid N Play Films is surveying shoot locations in Atlanta, Georgia, due to community support of video productions and incentives.

If you are reading this correspondence and you are a fan of Kid N Play and you would personally like to support us in achieving the two objectives of shooting: (1) Kid N Play: Coast-to-Coast; and (2) Kid N Play: SkyKapz: The Movie, then there are three (3) things that you can help us with:

And thats how they ended the letter. Tell us wat you think about them making a comeback.

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  1. Sharon Robinson

    Dear Christopher Play Martin and Christopher Kid Reid I have been with you both since day one I watched House Party 1,2,&3 Class Act listing to your music as well but I say it’s never to late to do want you want in life as long as you doing the right things as long as God come first in everything you do glad you both are getting back together I wish you both the best in all you do may God bless you both in all the blessing your heart and hands can hold May you be blessed on your journey.

  2. latreece

    I think its wonderful God is good keep up the good work your fans love y’all always.

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