Kevin Hart To Launch New Talk Show For NBC’s Peacock Network, & Sports Comedy Show With Snoop Dogg

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At a recent upfront presentation for NBC’s Peacock Network, comedian and actor Kevin Hart announced a new talk show that will be launched titled Hart To Heart!

At the presentation, Hart announced “I’m rolling the dice. We’re going to get comfortable. We’re going to get to know each other,” Hart said. “Dammit, we’re getting heart to heart.” No word yet on the style of the show, but you can definitely expect a ton of comedy, and since Ellen is signing off, Hart can probably grab that audience.

At that same presentation it was also announced tha Hart will be launching a weekly sports comedy talk show with Snoop Dogg, where they will both be talk about sports and interviewing athletes.

No word yet on the premiere dates of either show, but we can expect it to be sometime in the fall.

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