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Kevin Hart Pranks Lebron James' 'The Decision' With Talks Of Joining The NBA!

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Is Kevin Hart leaving comedy for the NBA?

The question is now on the minds of the comedian’s fans, who wonder whether its true or not. And Hart just released a new hilarious video with Verizon Wireless announcing that he he is leaving the stand-up stage for basketball.

“Here’s the breaking news you’ve been waiting for ppl…THE DECISION has been made…No turning back now #KHMVP!” tweeted Hart on Thursday afternoon.

But is the video just a joke or is it real? Well, we will let you be the judge.

Hart had teased fans that he would have a huge annoucement to tell them on Thursday. And he delivered his news in a rather funny way as only he can do.

“I’m about to make an announcement in 30min people!!!” tweeted Hart. “I suggest you brace yourself for this…THIS IS HUGE #KHMVP.”

And on Wednesday, the funny man comedian posted an interesting video on his Instagram. It looked like Hart wanted to reveal his piece of news to the public, but he wasn’t really to spill the beans just yet.

“BREAKING NEWS…it’s about to go down #KHMVP,” wrote the actor in his social media account on Wednesday.

Do you think Mr. Hart is really taking off his comedy crown for the NBA? Tell us with a note below!

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See the video below by clicking on the picture below:


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