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Kevin Hart & Meagan Good's New Film 35 & Ticking Finally Gets Released!

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Yesterday we got the official word that Russ Parr’s new film 35 & Ticking will be released in several major cities! Why is this news you ask? Well, besides the film being directed by Russ Parr and starring Kevin Hart, Meagan Good, Tamala Jones, Mike Epps, Nicole Ari Parker, Wendy Raquel Robinson and Keith Robinson, the film was in jeopardy of not being released in theaters!

Imagine this romantic comedy film with all of this star power going straight to a store shelf for DVD! Well, as Russ Parr stated at the Pan African Film Festival, that’s exactly what could have happened.

The great news is that despite Parr’s fears, this film will finally hit theaters in three cities May 20th, with potentially more cities to come especially if there is a demand for the film!

Here is the official press release;

Image Entertainment in conjunction with Swirl Films and Up To Parr Productions today announce the  theatrical release of  “35 & Ticking, ” a romantic comedy which looks at a group of thirty-somethings trying to figure out life, love and marriage. Written and directed by syndicated radio host-turned-filmmaker Russ Parr, “35 & Ticking” stars an all-star ensemble cast with Nicole Ari Parker, Tamala Jones, Kevin Hart, Keith Robinson, Wendy Raquel Robinson, Meagan Good, Mike Epps, Clifton Powell, Jill Marie Jones, Kym Whitley, Luenell, Dondre Whitfield and Aaron D. Spears. “35 & Ticking” will open in theatres on Friday, May 20, 2011 in Atlanta, Washington, D.C. and Baltimore.

“35 & Ticking” centers around the lives of Victoria, Zenobia , Clevon, and Phil — all friends approaching the age of 35 and struggling to build the families they’ve always dreamed of. While Zenobia (Parker, “Soul Food,” “Brown Sugar”) is still looking for a man, Victoria (Jones, “Castle,” “One on One”) is married to a man who doesn’t want children. Clevon (comic Hart, “Not Easily Broken,” “40 Year-Old Virgin”), meanwhile, is too geeky to get a woman, and Phil (Keith Robinson, “Dreamgirls”) is already married with children, but his wife is not very interested in being a mother. All four of them try to rectify their romantic lives and futures while their biological clocks tick away.

By day, Parr holds down a day job as a syndicated radio host, but when he’s not on the air, he’s making movies as an independent filmmaker.  After successful screenings in Washington, D.C., “35 & Ticking” had a West Coast, red-carpet premiere at the Pan African Film Festival in Los Angeles,

“As a filmmaker, it is very gratifying to have an idea in your head, and watch it unfold in front of the camera with a talented cast and crew,” said Parr. “I’m really excited to see this project on the big screen, especially when so few Black films are being made in Hollywood.” Parr added, “It’s so important that the community support not only my film, but all the independent Black filmmakers who are trying to tell great stories, which truly reflect our slice of life as African American people.”

“In the spirit of all of the great African-American romantic comedies we have witnessed over the last 15 years, we felt it was a necessity to open this film theatrically. ‘35 & Ticking’ is an amazing mixture of comedy, love and heartache … just what our underserved film-going community needs. One Village Entertainment is proud to be the distributor for this movie, as it is a throwback to our heyday of classic films,” remarked Brett Dismuke, VP of Acquisitions, for Image Entertainment’s urban division.

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  1. Luenell

    Next time u mention “35 & Ticking” u might wanna add the name LUENELL 2 the list of stars n that film. Also Darius McCrary, Keith Robinson, Tamla Jones but most importantly, Luenell. (smile)

  2. Luenell

    Oh LOOK! There it iz….my bad! LOL

  3. Reggie Gaskins

    Yo, this was the opening night film at the Pan African Film Festival and it’s a film that yall should support. Funny, witty – Good Film. Congrats to Russ and Kym and the cast. Holla at your Boy – Reggie Gaskins

  4. Moneisha Ware

    I just saw this film over the weekend, and I laughed the whole time. The entire cast was awesome! I can’t see why this film almost didn’t make it…great cast, great script, great storyline = NO BRAINER!

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