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Kevin Hart Gains Rave Reviews From Hosting Saturday Night Live & Drops Walking Dead Parody

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Kevin HartWe told you about two weeks ago that on March 2nd comedian Kevin Hart was announced to be a host on NBC’s Saturday Night Live. What no one expected was for Hart to have one of the highest rated SNL shows in recent years and for him to do a parody of the AMC hit television show, The Walking Dead.

In one of the funniest sketches of the show, Kevin comes across Rick (Taran Killam) and other characters from the series including Carl, Maggie and Daryl. When they turn their backs to decide if they should let Kevin into the group, he’s bitten by a walker (another term for zombie). Unaware of the fresh bite, the group lets Kevin become “one of them.”

“What do you mean by ‘one of them?’ When someone comes from a different cultural background, they’re automatically a zombie,” Kevin says, prompting the group to apologize and insist they’re not racists.

When Kevin bites and kills Maggie (Kate McKinnon), the group then insists he’s a zombie, but Kevin says, “Would you rather I eat some fried chicken or watermelon?”

They feel bad again until Carl (Nasim Pedrad) shoots Kevin dead.

Watch the sketch below and tell us what you think:

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  1. KayKay

    Rave reviews? everything I read was bad lol

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