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Katt Williams Says Eddie Murphy Doesn’t Deserve ‘Favorite Comedian’ Title

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Comedian Katt Williams is notoriously blunt and he did not deviate from his normal mode of behavior by saying Eddie Murphy should not be called called “anyone’s favorite comedian.”

Williams, of course, believes he is the best comedian alive.

Though Murphy is one of his idols, Williams connects the purest form of comedy to stand-up and Murphy hasn’t done stand-up in decades. Instead, after the classic “RAW” special in the mid-1980s, Murphy concentrated solely on creating blockbuster films. 

“Don’t tell me Eddie Murphy is your favorite comedian because Eddie Murphy hasn’t done comedy since the 80s. It just doesn’t make sense,” he said, according to Audacy. “It’s about how much [of] the body of work you can put out. So, nobody knows [who] was beefing with Mozart, because the guy beefing with Mozart didn’t put up any material. You know what I mean? That’s why history takes care of all of that.”

Williams said “I’m only the greatest comedian living because I have more female fans than any comics on the globe.” He also said that most people didn’t acknowledge him because they were trying to downplay him.

He said, “Because the guy that you’re saying is crazy and maybe a crackhead has outworked you every second that he has been a peer of yours. You probably have one comedy special; he probably has 10. The greats you talk about probably have two, and he has 10. This is 16, 100-city tours.”

There are two comedians Williams believes are better than him. During an interview with VLAD TV several years ago, Williams named Dave Chappelle and Chris Rock as two stand-ups who had more skills than he does.

Check out the video to see why Williams believes that.

Source; Vlad TV, Rolling out

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