Katt Williams Get Hit With $500k Lien Over Dog Attack Lawsuit

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Website theJasmineBRAND is reporting that comedian Katt Williams has been hit with a substantial lien.
A Georgia record producer Merion Powers sued the famed comedian back in 2010. He won a $577,929 judgment against Katt after a dog attacked his dog.

Katt allegedly owed $28k for studio bills and when Powers demanded payment, the comedian brought his attack dog to the studio and had the animal attack Power’s dog who suffered substantial and nearly life-threatening injuries.

Recently, docs were filed in Georgia by Powers. He is seeking to pursue Katt’s assets and property in the state to collect on his judgment.

Based on the docs, it appears that Katt has refused to pay the judgment. He still owes a total of $574k of the $577k. Powers has hit Katt with a lien and is on the hunt to collect on his cash.
Source: TheJasmineBrand

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