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John Witherspoon Slams Bill Cosby On Instagram!

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#JohnWitherspoon to #BillCosby: “You F***ed Up”

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John Witherspoon recently posted a short video on social media, expressing his thoughts on the shocking scandal involving Bill Cosby and a number of women. The video was released after Cosby was found guilty of the accusations that he had sexually assaulted dozens of women over decades.

In the video, John Witherspoon addressed Bill Cosby, telling him outright that he made a huge mistake. “Bill, we’s in trouble now. White man says, ‘Yes. Yes, you guilty.’ Oh, Bill. You f****d up. Got your lil’ sneaky pee pee out. When everybody else knocked out, you the only one live in the house. Bye!”

It’s not just the fellow actors who voiced their disgust at Crosby. Some academic institutions, too, including Yale, revoked Bill Crosby’s honorary degree; something they haven’t done in 300 years.

“Before his fall from grace Cosby was an in-demand commencement speaker and was awarded honorary degrees from dozens of colleges and universities. But the list of schools pulling those honors is growing,” reports CNN.

Cosby is currently under house arrest and was given his ankle bracelet on Monday after being found guilty of aggravated sexual assault. According to sources, he is facing up to 30 years in prison, ten years for each of the three counts he was found guilty of.

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