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Joe Torry’s ‘Pawn Shop’ Set To Premiere On YouTube

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With over 2 billion viewers logging in monthly, YouTube is free TV, and the comedy “Pawn Shop” is set to premiere on a premium channel Sunday, Feb 9th.
Starring Garret Morris (“Two Broke Girls”), Joe Torry (“The Workout Room”), comedian Foolish along with influencer Deelishis, and Reynaldo Rey in his final film, “Pawn Shop” is the first feature being released on YouTube–direct to consumer–by C.O.D., a new multicultural, multichannel, network.
As the streaming wars rage on with no end in sight, an emerging media distributor, C.O.D. is founded on the simple belief that “there is a greater need for content than new streaming portals.” C.O.D. aims to reduce the barrier for creators to reach their desired audiences by taking content direct to consumers via user-generated platforms like YouTube and Amazon.
“Originally released in 2013, the movie aired briefly on a small cable system, but very few people got a chance to see it,” says Torry.  “I am excited that more of our fans and followers will finally have a chance to watch “Pawn Shop” because it is for our audiences.”
“Pawn Shop” is the first feature acquired by C.O.D. and the network has high expectations for its performance on YouTube.  The movie will be available for a limited time on MReckTV, a urban YouTube Channel.  Consumers are the real beneficiaries, as C.O.D. provides a platform for projects like “Pawn Shop.” The movie will be available for free for a limited time before being released for purchase on Amazon via download or on DVD.

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