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Jamie Foxx Lining Up Role Reprisal In 'Horrible Bosses' Sequel!

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Jamie FoxxOur friends over at Shadown & Act have discovered that comedian and actor Jamie Foxx is setting up to do another role reprisal of his character from the film Horrible Bosses, with the filming supposedly set to begin later in the summer. Our sources could not confirm this, as they told us Foxx is said to filming his role as Electro  in the Spider Man sequel around that time. But who knows, maybe he will be able to do both. Anyway, here is the article from S&A below:

I actually didn’t think I’d like the first Horrible Bosses movie, but I was entertained by it. It’s not a film that I’m in any rush to see again, but if I happen to be at a friend’s house, and it was something they were watching at the time, I won’t complain.

But a sequel? I thought the first film wrapped itself up well enough and I’m now sure what story (or stories) a second film would tell. But one is definitely coming…

New Line has signed the film’s stars Jason Bateman, Charlie Day and Jason Sudeikis to a Horrible Bosses sequel – the 2011 movie that cost about $35 million to make, and grossed $117 million domestically, and $209 million worldwide. So, it was definitely a hit – maybe a surprise hit.

Jamie Foxx who played the trio’s “murder consultant’ in the first film, is said to be on negotiations to reprise his role as Motherfucker Jones (that was the name of the character he played if you’re not familiar with the film), and Seth Gordon (who helmed the first film) will be back in the director’s chair for the second.

The original movie saw Colin Farrell, Jennifer Aniston and Kevin Spacey play the so-called horrible bosses, in a film that centered on three best friends who decide to kill one another’s bosses, when they become frustrated by their jobs.

It’s not yet known whether we’ll see Aniston or Spacey back for the sequel (Farrell’s character died in the first movie).

But the sequel will reportedly have a whole new set of “horrible bosses.”

A late-summer shoot is expected, and I expect Jamie Foxx will be there.

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