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Jamie Foxx In A Scuffle At Usher Event In Vegas!

Comedy News

We just discovered that TMZ says that they caught actor/comedian/singer Jamie Foxx in a scuffle at an Usher party in Las Vegas!

Here is the article via TMZ:

Sources inside the Belvedere Red party say Jamie was in an exclusive lounge area near the stage at Avalon — and that the pushing and shoving started just as Usher was hitting the stage.

We’re told the fight started when someone took a pot shot at Jamie … who defended himself and actually got a punch in too before security guards broke up the scrum.

Jamie was quiet and surrounded by huge security guards as he walked to his car after the show.

Cops were not called and Jamie was not hurt.

Our photog spotted Damien Dante Wayans, nephew to Damon and Keenan Ivory, after the show. He told us he saw the fight inside and described it as “a little altercation … between two friends.”

Guess what happens in Vegas doesn’t really stay in Vegas….

Stay tuned tomorrow as we will have the inside scoop on what really went down!!!

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  1. Tiffani Neilson

    Where is this supposed club? Avalon is in LA not Vegas…. great example of telephone. lol

  2. Woody

    Grown men fighting in clubs. It’s ridiculous.

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