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Is The Richard Pryor Estate Lawsuit Over?

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A couple of years ago we were following the story about a lawsuit that was filed pertaining to the estate of the late great Richard Pryor right after his death. At that time we heard that the pending lawsuit was between Pryor’s children and his wife and manager Jennifer Lee Pryor. The case took so long that we let the verdict eventually slipped past us.

Regardless of the outcome, it looks like his wife Jennifer Lee won the battle of the estate and the licensing of the material because we were sent an article from our friends at Hollywood Reporter about a new DVD Box produced by Shout! Factory that was to be released with all of the material ever produced of Richard Pryor from films, to television appearances.

Here’s a portion of the article from Hollywood Reporter;

Santa Monica’s Shout! Factory, noted for making classy DVDs of classic TV shows (like the October release Barney Miller: The Complete Series), has partnered with Indigo Inc. to produce and distribute a CD/DVD box set devoted to comedian Richard Pryor‘s entire careeer: comedy records, complete concert films and TV special highlights.

“From his classic routines to fresh, undiscovered material, this box set will provide a rich overview of his comedic vision,” Indigo CEO Jennifer Lee Pryor said.

The set will be released in summer 2012.

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