Is Katt Williams Quietly Making A Comeback?

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If you look around you will notice that there is a comedian who everyone is looking at, talking about, and who is even selling out at venues everywhere.  Though small in stature, it’s not something new for him.

No, not Kevin Hart, but comedian Katt Williams.

Yes, that Katt Williams, who less than a year ago was all over the news for many reasons; from getting arrested, slapping store employees, being chased by the police, to even having verbal confrontations with other comedians. Well, it looks like things are starting to change and the ground is starting to swell with a brand new resurgence.

Over the last six months Williams has not only gotten his act together, he is also starting to be talked about again in many comedy circles; except this time for positive purposes. His current Growth Spurt comedy tour, which has hit almost all of the major cities with over 50 plus dates, has been selling out repeatedly. You may not have noticed, but not only has those shows been selling out, but we hear that there are several shows being added. For example, while recently in Atlanta, Williams was expected to do two show but our sources told us those shows sold out so quickly that there were two more shows added.

And there’s one more thing to add; many people are saying that Williams is back to being very funny again after many had complained that he wasn’t funny anymore. We heard from a couple of people from several comedy clubs who have stated that he’s more funnier now than he has ever been.

We know that the main person everyone is talking about is Kevin Hart right now, and rightfully so, but the ticket sales are coming in  from larger and larger venues and it looks like the comedy audience wants to see Katt Williams again. Who knows, after a couple of more films like A Haunted House and maintaining his comedy tour course he could very well be on his way again.

Stranger things have happened.

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  1. Johnnie Flowers

    Yay Kat, Do u Playa Proud of You!
    Good News for Team Katt Williams..
    Bad News For The Haters..

    • Monica

      Yes Katt is backkkkkkkkk. Mast night I laughed my throat off I thought I was going to have to be resuscitated. Yes Man GROWTH SPURT yes. God B with You…

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