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Beverly Hills Cop Talk Heating Up Again- Will There Be A 4th Film Or A Revamp?

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We just discovered that the folks over at Paramount Studious are “kicking the tires” about either revamping the Beverly Hills Cop franchise or possibly adding another Cop to the franchise with Beverly Hills Cop 4.

What we heard is that since Paramount Studios was looking for buyers last year and the talk surfaced about possibly producing a Beverly Hills Cop 4 to add some more money to the bottom line for the possible sale. While the talks started to slowly progress,  the talks were that if Eddie Murphy didn’t like the script the chances of it moving forward were close to zero no matter what the price for him doing it, and at that time there was no script available or idea that the Executives felt Murphy would like.

Those talks then developed into a possible revamping of the franchise, but quickly died down as there was no one the studio thought could fill in the shoes of Axel Foley, and also that the film franchise was such a classic that many fans would be turned off.

Now fast forward to a little over a year later and those talks have surfaced. We hear that the talks will probably pick up more steam especially after the next release from Murphy, which is Tower Heist, as some executives have stated that they would gauge the film’s opening with possibly doing another Cop film.

So our question to you is this; if Paramount decides to move forward, should they film another Cop film of should they revamp the franchise and launch another one?

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  1. Snarf

    Beverly Hills Cop is Eddie Murphy. You cannot change that. Changing would be like having someone play Rocky. Thats stupid and another reason why many people like myself don’t watch the remakes like Terminator 3 because its just that stupid!!

    Eddie Murphy, John Ashton, and Judghe Reinhold need to be in 4 to make it work because all of the 1st Beverly Hills fans will come back to see it know matter what!

  2. richard

    do not change the series threr is no one who can axel foley but eddie murphy . he is hoping that they put it together

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