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Idris Elba Signs Four Picture Deal With Marvel; Blade Reboot On The Horizon?


We just discovered from our sources some very interesting news; we hear that actor Idris Elba has signed a 4 picture commitment with Marvel Studios.

What makes this very interesting is the news that we heard several days ago which was Marvel Studios was in the early stages of planning a re-boot of the Blade franchise (that starred Wesley Snipes) with a new actor Darrin Dewitt Henson (of Showtime’s Soul Food fame). We have to add that our sources told us his name was mentioned in the conversations as the lead, but we couldn’t confirm that.  What we do know is that Marvel is making plans for a Blade re-launch.

Also we know that since Marvel is searching for a new tent pole of a film that will come in low on the budget, we also discovered that Marvel has NOT signed Elba on to any particular character and Elba may even land in a possible new Luke Cage film. (For those of you who do not know, Cage is another African American super hero in the Marvel Universe who they have been planning for years to launch but have been too afraid to step forward with for fear of a bad box office.)

Now, here is an interesting speculation that arises from this news; we know for a fact that Marvel is about to launch the Iron Fist film, and this character and Cage are partners in the comics. So it may be a fair assumption that since the news broke this week that Iron Fist just became a reality, it’s also fair to assume that Elba maybe on to play Cage.

Of course, all of this is speculation because Elba hasn’t signed on to play any other character than his character he is playing in the upcoming Thor film.

Another thought comes to mind too; we wonder where Tyrese Gibson will fit into all of this because six short months ago he was a lock to play Cage and the Black Panther when Marvel decided to move forward with either character. Maybe Tyrese now settles into the Black Panther role, and Elba becomes Blade, and someone else locks in Cage. Who knows?

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  1. Daniel

    Michael Jai White should get the Blade role hands down..just check the movie Blood & Bones out..anybody else would be a disappointment #enoughsaid

  2. Aric

    Micheal Jai White should get the part, in order to get that explosive raw power that it needs, it should have been him in the first place, no one else is going to be able to pull off this role, pay the man and get him in the part.

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