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Homie Don't Play That!- The Original Cast Of 'In Living Color' Says "Not So Fast…"

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We just heard from several inside sources that there seems to be some slight problems over at the casting for the FOX special of In Living Color. What’s happening? We heard that there were plans for the original cast to appear on the show- with the new cast, and we discovered that the original cast is not as anxious to appear on the show as everyone was first led to believe.

As we reported several times, the original cast of Jamie Foxx, Keenen Ivory Wayans, Tommy Davidson (just to name a few) were all supposed to appear on the two episode special, and as of this writing our sources have stated that several key cast mates so far have declined to appear.

Stay tuned as this story continues to develop!

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  1. Erik

    AWWWWWW NAAAAAAAAAAAAW!! =-( that’s a drag!

  2. Lisa

    It seems that the original cast don’t want the show to come back … because they feel this newer cast will ruin the original legacy.

  3. Carlos.

    I wish instead of rebooting the show Kenan should have just produced another sketch show and let ILC be ILC because ILC….it was 22 minutes of hilarity the show was in prime time tv and 5 of in living color’s seasons were funnier than about 20 oF snl’s!I mean SNL woulda got canceled years ago the only thing keeping them fresh is that they have whoever is HOT today “host” their show. I do however think AMERICA can use a good laugh not from shows like modern family or the big bang theory but of our culture. SNL only seems to talk about things nobody cares aboutMitt Romney and ESPN and CNN and people at Target and all this craP.It don’t represent what I see…ILC had black, white, asian , latino it made fun of ppl I see and at the same time showed America’s diversity so in that sense…yes we do need ILC

  4. Shakira Shakira!

    If it seems to good to be true it pobably is!

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