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Hey 'Saturday Night Live', Now That African American Women Are On, What About The Latin Women?

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As you may recall, around the holidays there was a big push for NBC’s Saturday Night Live to hire an African American Woman to the cast of the show, and a midst the hoopla of it all, SNL hired Sasheer Zamata, an African-American from Brooklyn, to its lineup as a featured player.

Shortly after that, two more African-American women were added, except LaKendra Tookes and Leslie Jones, who were discovered during the sketch show’s recent auditions, were added to its writing staff.

Now, were hear that there is a buzz in the Latin community, and because of that buzz, it seems that The Comedy Girls (Jesenia and Jenni Ruiza) are working to fix that by creating a movement geared towards getting the attention of Lorne Michaels and SNL executives with the hashtag #StillNoLatinas.

In doing so, they created a very funny sketch to get their attention. Check it out by clicking the picture below:

Latin Women2

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  1. Willie Brown

    I tried to leave a comment but the system wouldn’t let me.

  2. Willie Brown

    I’m not mad at these Latina Ladies for trying to get the attention of Lorne Michaels and the staff at SNL. I just find it how to believe that in 2014 we still have to jump through hoops to get noticed by the mainstream television networks. Now every genre or ethnicity is going to have to petition SNL in order to get work.

    Maybe I should get the black ventriloquists together so that we can make a video to get on SNL. “How come only the white ventriloquists get seen on television”? I mean I like Jeff Dunham and Terry Faytor, but they aren’t the only ventriloquists who have ever graced a stage or made an appearance on a comedy television show.

    Oh well maybe I ought to leave well enough alone. If you want to be on television create your own show. I’m too old to be sitting around waiting for somebody to throw me a bone.

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