WATCH: Actor Jerry O’Connell Spoofs Steve Harvey’s Now-Infamous Staff ”Memo”

But we have a feeling there’s one person who may not be laughing right now—we’re looking at you, Mr. Harvey!On Wednesday, an email was leaked to Robert Feder’s media blog, in which Harvey allegedly asked his staff to not enter his dressing room, approach him in the hallways or speak to him while getting his makeup done in an attempt to find “more free time for me throughout the day” and end “ambushing.””There will be no more meetings in my dressing room. No stopping by or popping in. NO ONE. Do not come into my dressing room unless invited,” he wrote.

Additionally, the stand up wrote, “Do not open my dressing room door. IF YOU OPEN MY DOOR, EXPECT TO BE REMOVED. My security team will stop everyone from standing at my door who have the intent to see or speak to me.”

On Thursday, the talk show was not in the mood to celebrate after the email went viral and ended up skipping his own show’s wrap party in Chicago, a source told Page Six.The source told the publication, “After that memo, he’d be stood on his own in the corner. He used to be such a nice guy.”The Steve Harvey Show ended its five-year run in the Windy City on Thursday, before making the big move to Los Angeles this fall.

Source: E!


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