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EXCLUSIVE- Why Soul Train Creator Don Cornelius Commited Suicide!


This morning we all woke up with some very sad news; we discovered that Soul Train Founder Don Cornelius took his own life with a gunshot wound to the head in an apparent suicide in his home in Sherman Oaks, California.

Well, this afternoon our sources confirmed the reasoning behind Cornelius’ actions. We hear that Don was having a very bad bout with cancer, and while this was going on, he was in a bitter dispute with his wife over the insurance money that would be delegated to her upon his death from the deadly disease. Our sources state that Don wanted the money to be given to his son Tony, but because of his marriage and his failing health the insurance was to be given to his wife. Don made the decision to take his own life since his doctor stated he had weeks left to live.

Truly a very sad story.

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  1. john mathews

    So sad that a great ICON can be such a coward, I’m sure its more to this
    n who am I to decide how a person should leave this earth it sucks n its just disappointing..

  2. CoryT

    Hard to say R.I.P. to a person who did what he did. So surprising too considering his age.We don’t know his frame of mind yesterday to know his motivation for doing it. Just a sad situation all around.

  3. Shaunna

    As a funeral director, I deal with alot of insurance companies. When the insured takes their own life- the beneficiary gets nothing. Now I understand. He felt one way or the other he was leaving this earth sooner than later. He chose sooner so his wife will not collect later!

    • mike

      Suicide IS payable on a life policy if the policy has been in force at least two-three years in MOST policies. That is a common clause. Look it it up.

  4. wint speed

    Its so sad 2 see that an Icon such as Don Cornilus, take his own life like this!! He’ll be greatly missed by all & loved for genorations 2 come!!

  5. stephanie

    His wife is a selfish bitch if she new that was that man dyen wish and she refuse to honor that god gonna get that tramp…..May she burn in hell selfish bitch

  6. Bonner Dog

    I’m sure he consulted with his insurance provider to make sure his ex would get nothing.

    • admin


  7. Belinda Cleare

    This story is a example of how out of control untreated depression can get. Hurts me to the core anytime anyone is in so much pain that they feel death is a better option. I feel like he was a member of my own family, since Soul Train was the highlight of my week every saturday when I was a kid, got all my dance moves, fashion ideas and even got the first perm (ultra Sheen) that burned out my hair from soul train. Sad to see a person who enhanced my life so much, didn’t find value in maintaining his own. RIP

  8. Hollowedout

    Are you people KIDDING???? That’s EXACTLY how one should go!! If I’m dying with NO chance of a future, and I’m always hurting plus the side SH#T with a crank wife???? My life is ALREADY over!! Instead of “God” telling me I’m FIRED from life… I’m gonna say NOPE, I QUIT… LIKE A BOSS!!!

  9. Cookie

    Hollowedout, please do not do any harm to yourself? God does not fire people. He simply brings you home to him so you will suffer no more.
    Remain ferverent in prayer and trust him.
    And remember taking our own lives is sinful.
    I will pray hard for you as your suffering sounds great. I too have suffered and thought I wanted to exit this world many times. But during those times I felt like quitting, I turned to my Lord Savior and I am still here. May God’s Blessings bring you through these difficult times.

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