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EXCLUSIVE- Eddie Murphy Prepares To Drop New R&B Album!

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We just discovered EXCLUSIVELY that comedian Eddie Murphy is coming back to the land of music! That’s right, we hear that Murphy has been recording music for several months and is soon preparing to drop an R&B album that he is writing and producing himself!

Before you jump to conclusions, remember Murphy has TONS of credits in the music industry, as he provided background vocals to songs released by The Bus Boys song The Boys Are Back in Town which was featured in the hit film 48 Hours, and in Eddie Murphy Delirious. If you recall, Murphy even dropped two hit singles titled Party All The Time (which was produced by Rick James) and Put Your Mouth on Me in the mid-1980s. Party All the Time was featured on his debut album titled How Could It Be written by Rusty Hamilton and was produced by Stevie Wonder’s cousin Aquil Fudge.

That’s not it; Murphy came back in the 90’s and recorded the album Love’s Alright and performed in a music video of the single Whatzupwitu which featured Michael Jackson. In 1992 he appeared in Jackson’s Remember The Time along with Iman. He even recorded a duet with Shabba Ranks titled titled I Was A King.

Fast forward several years and Murphy continues to showcase his vocal talent in the Shrek film franchise as the Donkey character and just misses landing an Academy Award for his performance and singing in the film Dreamgirls, which landed an Oscar for actress and American Idol contestant Jennifer Hudson.

As of this writing, there is no official release date for the album but we did hear that the album is going to also have several other named producers to come on board to assist in the development before it gets released.

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  1. Carlo

    great so Eddie will drop a R and B album but not return to stand up comedy?…How the mighty have fallen! it’s official Eddie is out of touch.

  2. Will Hatcher

    As a huge fan of “Party All the Time” words can express the joy I’m feeling right now. I hope he collabs with some up and coming acts like Kanye West or Justin Beiber to add a little edge and freshness to the album. Christmas is coming early this year folks.

    Will Hatcher

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