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EXCLUSIVE-David E. Talbert Casts Lavell Crawford & Tony Rock For New Project!


We just discovered a new EXCLUSIVE- we hear that Playwright and Film director David E. Talbert is casting now for the live taping of two of his top grossing plays – What Goes Around Comes Around and A Fool And His Money. Both will be filmed in front of a live audience this September in Los Angeles and then released on DVD and aired on Black Entertainment  Television.

If you are a fan of his plays, that you know that Talbert loves to add comedians in his plays (as he did Esau McGraw and Tiffany Haddish in his last play that toured a couple of months ago titled What My Husband Doesn’t Know that starred Morris Chestnut or Brian White and Michelle Williams).

Anyway, it looks like comedians Lavell Crawford and Tony Rock are locked in for What Goes Around Comes Around. We had a chance to speak to Talbert and he was excited to finally get a chance to work with both Crawford and Rock. “I’ve been a big fan of both those guys for years. To me, Lavell Crawford is one of the funniest in the game and Tony Rock has me in stitches every time I see him live. He’s definitely someone I feel is next up.”

Stay tuned for more details here as we give you all of the info about his up and coming projects and new tour schedule that he is planning to launch for the fall.

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  1. ComedianStevieMack

    Congrats to Lavell Crawford and Tony Rock, both are hilarious and well deserving…although I submitted for that gig too, I’m always glad to see when worthy peers win a part!

    Tony Rock is my featured guest on STEVIE MACK RADIO Monday, August 29th 6pm (PST) Call in and give him a shout out. The Live call in number is: 646-716-6113
    The show page and chat room is here:

  2. bill blast

    I love my good friend dav id e. Talbert. and still want to auditioning 4u. interested

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