EXCLUSIVE- Close Sources Reveal That Chris Tucker Will NOT Be In The New Friday Film!

Comedy News

We have to say that this news is coming along like the news did about In Living Color. A couple of days ago we heard from several of our sources from some of the studios that comedian Chris Tucker was going to be in the new Friday film. Those same sources told us that Tucker was officially signed on and that the project is moving ahead with all of the cast members from all of the films, all combined into this new film. (We weren’t the only ones who reported this either as reports started to surface from other people that Tucker had agreed.)

Well, tonight, we heard something different from a very credible source. We discovered that Tucker is NOT going to be in Friday, and that there is no offer on the table. This source is more reliable that anyone as it’s not a studio or publicist, or anyone of that sort. We can say that as of this writing Tucker has NOT agreed to be in the new film, and has NO PLANS to be in the film. If there is something miraculous, then maybe, but as of this writing, he is not going to be in the film.

Oh well. It did sound good a couple of days ago.

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  1. Jamalnimal

    I think somebody probably put that rumor out there to tempt Tucker to say yeah. I think evrybody knew it was BS. If they did have him back what would he be doing? He’s said he doesn’t like the image of him smoking out there but it’s kind of hard to have a character named “Smokey” that doesn’t smoke.

  2. DC

    Friday sucks. The only good one was part 1

  3. Stevie Mack

    Way back in the late 90’s I was trying to get Chris Tucker to do a film I wrote that had some hood aspects and he said, “Stevie Mack, I already did a movie like that (Friday) and I ‘aint trying to go backwards…”

    I guess he’s sticking to his guns on that one. Gotta respect his position.

  4. Taji

    He was adamant in a previous article that he would not re visit Friday. I think Essence covered it because hes a christian and didnt want to portray that role anymore.

    I think it might be a cool twist if his character came back in the film “born again”.

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