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EXCLUSIVE- Chris Rock and Dave Chappelle Possible Tour Plans Crumbling?!

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Several months ago, we reported that comedians Chris Rock and Dave Chappelle were both on stage in New York at the club known as  The Comedy Cellar working out, and during that time they both ended up having a discussion about doing a comedy show/tour together similar to a Jay Z/Kanye WestWatch The Throne Tour.

Well, over the past couple of months we heard that the tour was not going to happen for several reasons; time and scheduling. Back then the word was both comedians loved the idea of being able to make this tour possibly happen, but it wouldn’t happen in the near future. Now, the latest development is that Chappelle is not as interested in doing the tour as Rock is. Behind the scenes, several promoters have approached Chappelle to move forward with the tour to schedule something and every time Chappelle avoids the conversation or never continues to have the discussion. Lately, word is from several promoters and other sources that there seems to be little or no interest from Chappelle.

As of this writing we are waiting for an official comment from Chappelle’s reps and we will keep you in the loop!

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  1. Will Hatcher

    Damn that really sucks. Those are two of my favorite comedians. I would have paid top dollar to see that show. Oh well, at least the didn’t cancel Judge Mathis.

    Will Hatcher

  2. Tony Grant

    Yeah I agree with you Will. I would have paid top $$ to see those boys together do there thing!! It would be hot. We will see what happens in the future

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