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EXCLUSIVE-Charlie Murphy Coming Back To Television With His Own Show!

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We just discovered that comedian Charlie Murphy is coming back to television! Yep, you read that right- he’s making the leap back into television, and this time it’s his own show!

Murphy is planning on launching his new show on a new African American network titled Colours TV which is using this show as one of its new vehicles for its launching pad. No word yet on the network’s official launch date, but we hear that is should be live in a few weeks.

We also hear that the name of the show is tentatively titled The Law According To Charlie Murphy and will premiere in August. The show is written, directed and produced by Bernie Richburg.

More news about this soon.

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  1. Stacey Stacy, Comedienne/Actress

    Congratulations! I am so happy that we have a new TV station, CoLours TV. We also now have Bounce out of Georgia. Let’s keep doing what we are doing, one step at a time until we are off and running a major network. After all, isn’t that American?

  2. Lennell

    Sounds great, congrats to African American Network and C Murph, but written, directed and produced by “Bernie Richburg”? Sounds like someones tryna cash in on our African American race….I`m not surprised at all….:(

    • Jaxon

      Its actually BENNIE RIchburg and he’s a brother

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