Eddie Murphy Officially Drops New Single, New Album Art And Release Date!

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We just discovered the news that comedian Eddie Murphy, who is preparing for a bigger presence in music, is about to drop his single titled Red Light which also features Snoop Lion OFFICIALLY on Monday on Apple’s Itunes.

In case you missed the music video from the single that he released on YouTube a couple of months ago, check it out here;

We also discovered the news that the music video was re-shot and will be released soon, and that the new single is going to be from his new album titled “9”. We hear that there is a story on why the album is just titled “9”, but we don’t know why-yet. According to our sources, Murphy has a statement about the album title that he will share when the album officially drops.

You can also expect a media blitz from Murphy when the album is going to be dropped, from appearances on The Arsenio Hall Show to a whole lot more. It will be no surprise to see him perform on several talk shows, but we haven’t heard which ones-yet. We bet Arsenio Hall will be one of the firsts, especially since The Arsenio Hall Show launches on Sept. 9th.

Details to follow soon.




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