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Earthquake Guest Hosts On WBLS In New York; Is He Prepping For A New Syndicated Radio Show?

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The past several months we have reported that the comedian known as Earthquake was stopping by several radio shows as a guest host. As a matter of fact, several months back he told us that he was planning to do his own syndicated radio show, and since then he has stopped by The Steve Harvey Morning Show more than four times with several stops in New York on stations like WBLS.

Speaking of which ‘Quake is on again today and tomorrow in New York (WBLS), so the question has to be asked; is there a plan for Earthquake to get his own syndicated talk show as he stated?

Stay tuned as we are going to drop an interview with Earthquake telling us his plans, and the near future projects that he has in store.

In the meantime, here is the interview we did a couple of months ago;

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  1. dino

    black folk in america have become slaves to bossip and symbols as the be all and end all today, when we gotta champion another comic or person who sold books about his or her sexual exploits and then make it to radio, then we got our heads screwed on crooked…. the mindset leaves a lot to be desired in today’s black america, the world is watching 🙂

    • Abdul

      I agree, but our main problem is the media has a plan since President Obama has won a second term. A majority of the radio stations are white owned and they have decided to limit the quality of black radio. Notice how Michael Baisden is off the air, because he was leading grass roots efforts in protesting Travon Martin and other -African American issues. In New York they cut a very popular program on Sundays called open line from 4 hours to a 1/2 hour program. This was a program that discussed issues that impacted the African American community. This reminds me of the Lupe Fiasco song Dumb it Down, where he was told to dumb down the lyrics instead of rapping about positive issues

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