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D’Militant Releases New Comedy Album Titled ‘Too Raw For Mainstream’!

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Too Raw for Mainstream – D’Militant’s return to stand-up comedy is now available from Uproar Entertainment.

The title says it all.   This uncensored album is everything you want from a comedian known to say whatever he wants without fear of consequences.    If you like comedy that cuts so deep you see the marrow this is for you.   D’Militant sets a blow torch to things most people hold dear and does it with a smile on his face.

After taking time off to write, produce and preserve comedy through his work with the Comedy Hall of Fame and his various lecture tours, the outspoken comedian demonstrates that his axe to grind is sharper than ever.   How to treat white vagrants, immigrant slaves, rebuked fashions, Caucasian based politics, pet betrayal, bartered hoochies, black overrating, the crimes of the justice system, the danger of gay divorce, the addictive lure of Cialis, the need for 72 virgins in Heaven, surprise suicide pacts, Ron Jeremy, the Obama Experiment, devil worship & weed, lesbian contortionists, disorganized religion, Forrest Whitaker, loyalty to the massa’s name, segregated kidnapping, porn star breeding and other dysfunctional family friendly topics are all slapped around for your amusement and kicked around for your knowledge.

It’s not just comedy.   It’s conscious comedy.   So bring you funny bone and don’t be scared (yeah, I said it) to gain something along the way.

Too Raw for Mainstream – available at iTunes,,,, and all fine online media retailers.

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