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DL Hughley Preps Several New Shows, A New Film & A Return To Radio- In The Afternoon!

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We just heard that DL Hughley is making some major moves in Hollywood in film, television, and in radio- and we hear all of it is coming to light right now!

First up, our sources have stated that Hughley has a new nationally syndicated radio show coming! As you may recall Hughley formerly hosted The D.L. Hughley Morning Show on the now-defunct 98.7 Kiss FM in New York City.  Unlike his previous outing, this new show will be new territory for the comedian as he will be on radio in the afternoon, which hasn’t been done in radio before (as a comedian has never hosted a nationally syndicated afternoon drive-time show).

Several news outlets are about to leak stories stating that news anchor Jacque Reid – who co-hosted with Hughely and veteran radio personality DeDe McGuire – who currently hosts DeDe in The Morning on K104 FM in Dallas, are both being considered to co-host. But we hear that veteran comedian and actor Steve Wilson is leading that list and that his former co-hosts are not being considered. The show will be syndicated by Reach Media (formerly Syndication One).

Another story that we heard is that Hughley is making a film based on his project titled Endangered List which he was awarded a Peabody Award for last May. The Peabody Awards are awarded annually by the University of Georgia to recognize achievement and meritorious public service in television, radio, and on the internet. According to our sources the new film will be a documentary. Coincidentally one of Hughley’s last specials he did was titled DL Hughley: The Endangered List.

But the biggest news that we heard from our sources is that Hughley is coming back to television with a brand new show! No we are NOT talking about the new game show that Hughley is co-hosting with Michael Ian Black titled Trust Me, I’m a Game Show Host, on TBS. We are also NOT talking about the new animated feature film that we hear he is starring in ( more details on that soon), we are talking about a brand new show! So far, we just don;t know what the show is about or what network it will be broadcast on but we do know that the entire cast and crew just flew out of Dallas and they are trying to lock in contracts now. We also hear that the show is fast tracking now, so those details should pour in real soon!

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