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DL Hughley Announces The Launch Of New Book Titled ‘Surrender, White People!’

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D.L. Hughley has announced his latest book SURRENDER, WHITE PEOPLE!  Our Unconditional Terms for Peace, which is set for release on June 30.

Arriving in the middle of high racial tensions, countless acts of police brutality and a dedicated push of the Black Lives Matter movement, SURRENDER, WHITE PEOPLE! is the text that states the identity of America is getting browner and Black and brown people are standing up to unjust privilege.

The book will take Hughley’s trademark sense of humor to the transition of America as a majority-minority nation. Using the art of satire, SURRENDER, WHITE PEOPLE! is a guide of accountability toward America’s wrongs and offers satirical terms for reparations and reconciliation.

The book is broken into seven articles or terms:
Article I: White People Shall Consider Reparations
Article II: History Books Shall Be Aligned
Article III: We Shall Endeavor To Understand One Another
Article IV: We Shall Deal with the White Supremacy Problem
Article V: We Shall Be Un-Oppressed
Article VI: We Are Part of America

“Peace and reconciliation will only happen, I believe, when white people surrender their unjust privileges and their delusions of ‘supremacy,’” Hughley says of the book. “Look your history in the face, put aside all your visions of superiority, open up your institutions so they benefit everyone in this nation, and join the rest of us as equals. That’s what I mean by surrender.”

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