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Despite Reports Chris Tucker Will NOT Be In The New Friday Film!

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We have just recently discovered from our sources that comedian Chris Tucker, who has been rumored to be in the new Friday Installment with Ice Cube, will NOT be in the film.

Our sources have stated to us that Tucker is not in the film and that there isnt even a production schedule for the film yet, which is strange considering the fact that Ice Cube did mention that the film was coming.

In case you missed that report, several months ago, Ice Cube mentioned to several media outlets that they are planning to film another Friday, and talks where going to begin to bring back the entire cast for the film from Katt Williams to Mike Epps.

Regardless of that fact, we did discover that Tucker is not in the film and that its not even on the calendar yet to start. So, we will see where this story goes.

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  1. Moquizzy

    Chris Tucker is not doing..the movies because he stop cursing and smoking and since he stopped he haven’t been funny funny

  2. Seanj

    Good! what on earth would he do @ his age in a friday movie go over craigs house and sit on the porch?

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