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Despite Rampant Rumors Eddie Murphy Will NOT Be On Saturday Night Live!

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News is breaking all over the internet from a New York Post article that is claiming that Eddie Murphy may make an appearance on Saturday Night Live, despite a long standing absence from the show. Well, we can officially tell you that Murphy will not make an appearance on the show, and that there are no plans in the near future for this to happen.

According to the New York Post’s Page Six, “a perfect storm is brewing” for the actor to make his first appearance there since leaving the show in 1984 and igniting a feud with creator Lorne Michaels.”

The column reports:

Work is going on behind the scenes for Murphy to pop up on the NBC show when his “Tower Heist” co-star, Ben Stiller, hosts Saturday night, we’re told. Murphy’s hosting the next Oscar telecast, which happens to be produced by “Tower” director Brett Ratner.

Reports of bad blood between Murphy and “SNL” surfaced after cast member David Spade took a shot at him during a career slump. In a mock entertainment news segment, Spade showed a picture of Murphy and joked around the time of his 1989 film “Harlem Nights,” “Look children, a falling star … Quick, make a wish!”

Sources say Murphy was not amused at the time and complained bitterly to Michaels, “demanding an apology, but Michaels sided with his writers, saying he had to give them creative freedom.”

Murphy has never joined any “SNL” reunions or specials, sparking further speculation of a long-standing beef with Michaels. But sources say Ratner eased the way to bring Murphy back and bury the hatchet.

But reps for both Murphy and Ratner said it wasn’t definitely in the cards yet. “There are no plans for Eddie to appear on ‘SNL’ at this time, but perhaps in the future he will make a return,” said a rep for Murphy, which was echoed by Ratner’s rep.

“Eddie rarely does appearances, and nothing is scheduled,” said another source. A different spy close to the show noted, “He hasn’t been on ‘SNL’ for over 25 years, it would be astonishing if he did it.”

Another source denied tension between Murphy and Michaels, claiming, “There was never any hatchet to be buried. Eddie has never had any issues with Lorne.” An “SNL” rep didn’t get back to us.

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  1. Gilchristsays

    Something tells me that this was leaked in preparations for it to happen during May sweeps. If he did make an SNL appearance, the ratings would be through the roof and the SNL site would crash the next morning from all of the views. I’ll take a wait and see approach to this one.

  2. Ren

    When Eddie was on SNL it wasn’t under Lorne Michaels it was from Dick Ebersol so Eddie holds no allegiance to Lorne Michaels. When Eddie was there Lorne Michaels was gone for a few years until they threatned to cancel it then he came back. Eddie was gone by then. Lets Not forget that Eddie is the only guy to host the show as a CAST MEMBER! which is unpresidented he also was the sole reason the show never got cancelled so thats just one of the reasons he is so “revered” in the comedy world.

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