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Deon Cole, David Alan Grier Join All-Star Cast For Remake Of ‘The Color Purple’

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According to several sources, the new Warner Bros. Pictures film, The Color Purple, is coming to theaters in December 2023.

We hear that comedian and actor Deon Cole (of Black-ish fame) and David Alan Grier (of In Living Color fame) are joining the star-studded cast that is going to feature Louis Gossett Jr., Tamela MannPhylicia Mpasi, and Stephen Hill.

If you are not familiar with the iconic film that debuted in 1985 that was directed by Steven Spielberg and starred Danny Glover, Whoopi Goldberg, and Oprah Winfrey, and was nominated for eleven Academy Awards, well, let us tell you that that film is easily one of the best films ever made in its genre and spawned a Broadway play that has lasted at least 20 years.

The film is about a black Southern woman who struggles to find her identity after suffering abuse from her father and others for over four decades. It showcased the talents of Goldberg as an eventual Academy Award winner and made many see Oprah as a potential movie star, while making Danny Glover a household name.

The new remake has Louis Gossett Jr. as Ol’ Mister (the Glover role), David Alan Grier as Reverend Avery, and Tamela Mann as the First Lady. Phylicia Mpasi will join as Young Celie, Deon Cole as Alfonso, and Stephen Hill as Buster. 

More details are coming soon!

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