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Comedy’s Latest Brand ‘Comicville’ Moving To A National Stage With Upcoming Nation Tours & TV!

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We just got news of a comedy producing team- and comedy shows-known throughout the comedy community as Comicville is quickly moving into national comedy tours and planning to move into television!
According to our sources, the team of producers behind the product is looking to produce shows that have high energy and will feature and showcase up and coming comedians by giving them a stage to show their talents, by creating a community of comedians-or a brotherhood as they like to call it- where they can work hard to become apart of a bigger product. This is what they will feature as Comicville.
The team, which consists of Chris Ledbetter, Abeba Lewis and Shelby Walton have been producing shows for almost 13 years which all began at The Uptown Comedy Club. With those aspirations of moving forward into comedy the brand is quickly pacing to becoming a recognizable name especially in the South. We hear that they have several things on the horizon, and they are ion the lab preparing to launch the brand nationally in 2016.
With that being said, we have a clip of their new comedy trailer.
 Take a look below;

Comic Ville



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