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Comedians Tony Rock & Rodney Perry Lead All Star Cast For A Brand New Dramedy Feature!

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We just discovered that comedian Tony Rock (of All Of Us Fame) and Rodney Perry (The MoNique Show and the new Madea’s Big Happy Family fame) have just put the finishing touches on a feature film titled The Last Laugh, which we hear is sure to shock many because of the very powerful performances and because of the shooting style of the film.

The film follows the life of a comedian who rises from nothing to be a major superstar in comedy and Hollywood, and chronicles the star’s fall from grace. Comedic actor Tony Rock plays the titled character who falls from grace and who we follow as he tries to get back on track to become a major superstar again.

This film is sure to gain attention as it was filmed as a documentary and picks up when Rock’s character is leaving rehab with a camera crew following his every step.

Rodney Perry’s character is the best friend of Rock’s in the film and even though his character is being pulled away from him as his best friend, he tries to maintain the friendship that they have gained over the course of the years, while it seems that Perry’s wife in the film tries to sabotage their friendship.

For Perry, this film is not far from real life for him as he has been around many comedians who have hit the Hollywood stratosphere and who have quickly fallen from grace.

The film also has many cameos from several comedians such as Kym Whitley, Joe Torry, Chris Spencer, and Michael Colyar just to name a few and is sure to feature many more comedians and actors as the story progresses through out the film. Even though it has yet to land a distribution deal we hear that it will be featured in several festivals this year and may go straight to DVD. More info soon!

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  1. Joe

    I saw this film and it is POWERFUL!!! It is not what you expected. And it is sure to make you laugh and shed a tear or two. The cast is AMAZING!!! And the shooting style is very creative. I have NEVER seen a feature film like this.

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