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Comedian Tony Roberts Continues To Gain Heat As He Lands On Monique Show!

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In today’s comedy landscape, it’s pretty hard to miss a comedians who is gaining heat in the comedy circles, and even harder to miss when a comedians is on the tongue of many comedy fans. For the last several years that comedians was Kevin Hart and now there are several comedians hot on that trail and one of them is Tony Roberts.

After several memorable moments of the past couple of seasons of the new Def Comedy Jam and his own Showtime Special titled Tony Roberts; Wired its almost clear that Roberts is in that group.

With an upcoming Comedy Game Show that he is preparing to film for the networks, we have discovered that Roberts has recently taped an upcoming episode on The Monique Show which is set to air tomorrow night.

The question is- Is Tony Roberts the next ONE? Is he the one that will grab a hold of that coveted comedy mantle piece of fame and fortune?

If you love Roberts or if you are a big fan, this should be an interesting performance to watch, as we see if he really is the next comic to watch.

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  1. sharon reid

    he is definitely unforgettable. tony is crazy funny.

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