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Comedian Samson Crouppen Launches Comedy Show As An NFT; Tiffany Haddish Becomes 1st To Support

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In the world of the new crypto-currency and all of the talk about NFT’s (whether you understand what they are or not), this seems to be the new medium in the very, very near future.

As we look up there are more and more NFT’s popping up everywhere and I guess sooner or later there was going to be one in comedy. Well, now we can add a comedy special to this ever-changing world.

Samson Crouppen is the first comedian that has been able to launch his first comedy special as an NFT; Crouppen directed it, filmed it, edited it, and then prepped it for the NFT launch.

We should also mention that upon the launch he was able to get many folks in the comedy world to support his endeavors, such as Tiffany Haddish and Donnell Rawlings. As of this writing, he was able to sell each NFT for his asking price of $1,000!

Anyway, we got a chance to talk to Crouppen to discuss what an NFT is and how he was able to apply it to comedy, and what it feels like being the first comic to bring it to the market.

See the interview below;

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