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Comedian Patrice O'Neal Passes Away

Comedy News

Today we are very sad to report that comedian Patrice O’Neal has passed away. Patrice was a very dear friend and will be greatly missed. Personally, after knowing him for over 25 years this was the hardest story to post. More details will follow soon.

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  1. Jason

    Damn Robin Harris, Sam Kinison, Bill Hicks Greg Giraldo and now Patrice. Such a fun loving guy . U really get the sense that he was fun to be around.

  2. PAUL

    oh no! he was a very funny comic. Maybe he was too good to be true!R.I.P. big man! We have your comedy shows to watch so you will not be forgotten =-)

  3. Joe!

    Wow! a legitimately funny guy

  4. Sammy

    R.I.P. Patrice wish you got the chance to see a larger audience. Some ppl r just too real to be mainstream!

  5. Shanny

    Was watching some youtube video of him he was a trip!What a shame/loss. I remember him from Chappelle show.He had the greatest Laugh ever!!

  6. ~~~Charlotte~``~

    Between he and Corey Holcomb I think they were 2 of the most under rated today. Such a tragedy.

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