Comedian Mike Brown Releases Season Two Of Harlem Based Web Series

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NYC based comedian Mike Brown has released the entire second season of his web series, “Can’t Stop, Won’t Stop”. We first met Mike soon after he released season one, and we’re excited to see he’s onto a second season. The brief vignettes, all under three minutes, are beautifully shot confrontations between his character hip-hop blogger Sean Jones and the pressures of Harlem life. Sean’s friends and family surround him, but often support him in less than helpful way.

The series is semi-surreal and opens with a drug dealer pawning off pills Sean only took because he thought the guy was a psychiatrist. The pills aren’t any familiar anti-anxiety medication but instead are BUK UP- a medicine that gives you vivid hallucinations of a screaming stranger demanding you buck up and get through your problems. This second season has themes of tough love, the impossible task of reaching the standards of masculinity and dietary restrictions. There’s a “Louie”-like cynicism in the show’s perspective; no matter how deserving you are or regardless of whether you’ve grown and matured, you’ll probably never get what you want. Sean discovers the importance of standing up to your bullies and that all men in his family have big dicks, so he better learn to act like it.

Episode 6 is out now with 7-10 coming soon. Check it out and give Mike some love.


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