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Comedian Maronzio Vance Joins 'In Living Color' Writing Staff Plus Shocking Show Update!

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This morning we discovered several interesting items that were bought to our attention; one item was that we heard comedian Maronzio Vance, who auditioned for a part in the upcoming new episode of FOX’s In Living Color, was instead hired as a writer despite reports (such as in The Huffington Post) stating that he is joining the cast. We confirmed that Vance is joining the other writers on staff such as James Davis, Ian Edwards and Hugh Moore.

The cast is also complete as the show is finally in post production  preparing to be aired. We hear that the cast consists of comedic actors who are as follows; Lil Rell Howery, Jermaine Fowler, Jennifer Bartels, Kali Hawk, Henry Cho, Josh Duvendec, Ayana Hampton, Cyrah Hawkins, Katee Shean and Sydney Castillo.

We also discovered another interesting item; according to several key sources, FOX has not yet decided on an air date for the In Living Color special, despite a huge response from the fan base. AND according to our source at FOX (who wishes to remain anonymous), it seems that there have been some budgetary concerns and those concerns lead to the reunion show not taking place! Anyway, we do know that the show is in the final stages of editing and an announcement should be made soon on the air date of the special.

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  1. AdAmantiuM!

    They are making me lose my desire to watch the damn show!

  2. Sean T

    Wow! Lil Rel is the only guy I recognize

  3. Only you can light the Flame!

    There’s alot of girls on this show!

  4. Caine Monrie

    I’m sorry Kenan but……..

  5. Andrina

    The writers are funnier than the performers!

  6. ***Chauntie Town~~

    Why would they shoot the Reunion Show AFTER they already shot the 2 episodes of the reboot??

  7. um....

    ^^ because they need ratings for this show. I don’t think this show is gonna last long.

    • ***Chauntie Town~~

      Do you really think that a new in living color would need ratings help? Just make the episodes funny and people will tune in on their own.

  8. um....

    You must forgot Times are different.. the show ended 18 years ago… the stuff they got a way with back in the day,they want get away with today. Make funny of gays, and retarded people today and see how much they come at Keenen Ivory Wayans and Fox. Fox was a baby network just starting out at the time… now they in top 3 and worst of all… the show is on Fox a channel that is affiliate with Fox News (the same network that hates Obama) the Politics stuff they got a way with back in 90’s, want work today… Bill O’REilly and Sean Hannity will try to get this show off the air with the quitness. This show will be better of on B.E.T.

    • ***Chauntie Town~~

      I think that Foz network isn’t as conservative as Fox news Channel. This is the same network that had the show extreme body make over , and swan and some of the grosses reality tv shows of all time. As far as them not being able to get away with stuff today that they couldn’t get away with back in the day two words for you….FAMILY GUY!

  9. the king

    If any one think this can top the original is simple!!!! Chauntie- Town is someone close to the Wayans or someone working on the set of the reboot trying to save face because they know this show is going to flop.

  10. Kavin87


  11. 4 The Mind


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