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Comedian Katt Williams- Thought To Be Freed- Is STILL In Custody!

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Comedian Micah “Katt” Williams, who thought he would be able walk out of a Hall County jail cell Wednesday, was still in custody Thursday morning.

Williams, who was arrested for the second time in recent days Tuesday after being accused of threatening bodyguard Corey Dixon, was granted $60,000 bond during a Wednesday hearing.

Attorneys for Williams, 44, said he would surrender his passport while out on bond. As a condition of the bond, a Hall judge said Williams could not possess weapons, drugs or alcohol of any kind.

But the bond allowance didn’t stick.

Hall sheriff’s spokeswoman Nicole Bailes said Williams had already violated the condition of his previous bond. Law enforcement officials seized seven weapons and drugs while executing a search warrant Tuesday.

The added charge delayed Williams’ release.

“Williams will have to see a judge before being released,” Bailes said Thursday. “That date is not known at this time.”

The incident that led to the comedian’s most recent arrest happened Feb. 28.

Hall prosecutors accused Williams of not only threatening to kill his bodyguard but also ordering an acquaintance to shave the victim and hit him with a bat. Defense and prosecuting attorneys gave accounts of what they said happened that day during the Wednesday hearing.

Dixon said when he refused to commit crimes under Williams’ orders in Atlanta, he was taken back to the comedian’s home in the Harbor Point subdivision in Gainesville and assaulted.

One acquaintance, Tatiana Smith, 24, allegedly choked Dixon and assaulted him with a baseball bat on Williams’ order.

Dixon was hospitalized for a day with internal and external injuries, a prosecutor said.

Deputies executed a search of Williams’ home Tuesday in the 3500 block of Lake Breeze Lane. During the search, investigators found large quantities of marijuana and several firearms, Bailes said.

Williams was charged with aggravated assault, terroristic threats, false imprisonment and felony possession of marijuana.

Tatiana Smith was arrested on multiple charges that included aggravated assault, misdemeanor marijuana possession and possession of the drug Alprazolam. She was not granted bond.

A second acquaintance, Lena Smith, 40, was arrested on a charge of felony possession of marijuana. She was granted $5,000 bond.

During the hearing, Williams’ attorney asked why his client was allowed to walk free from Feb. 28 to his arrest Tuesday if he was such a threat.

Deputies had an answer for the attorney.

“Obviously, Mr. Williams has been in the news quite a bit, and we wanted to preserve the integrity of our investigation,” Bailes told Channel 2 Action News. “When we initially received this, we wanted to follow up with this. A lot of our witnesses live out of state.”

The alleged assault is believed to have happened the day before Williams was arrested on a separate misdemeanor battery charge in Hall. Williams was arrested Feb. 29 after a store employee at Leslie’s Pool Supplies on Dawsonville Highway told police the comedian punched him during an argument. Williams, who told TMZ he did what he had to do after the employee made a racist remark, was released on $5,000 bond in that incident.

That same week, Williams and about 15 members of his entourage and security team were accused of physically attacking and stealing cellphones from five women visiting Atlanta for the weekend.

He was also recently accused of fighting agitators in Los Angeles — which he told TMZ was self-defense — and bum-rushing a stage and punching a man at a rap show in Philadelphia.

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