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Comedian Alonzo Bodden To Have Kidney Surgery!

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AlonzoEarlier today we noticed a Facebook post by comedian Alonzo Bodden (probably most known for NBC’s Last Comic Standing, Scary Movie 4), and we just had to post because it’s truly one of the most courageous things we have read in awhile. According to his post, he is having surgery to give his ailing brother a kidney.

Check out his post on Facebook below;

This time tomorrow ill have one less kidney & my brother will never have to o dialysis again. Tuesday is transplant day. Everything looks good. Talked to doc friday. He’s good & he has sense of humor. I guess he’s done this before. Doc said he and other surgeon are like Jordan and Pippen. I said i hope he’s not Pippen . I need him to be 23 Jordan, not 45 Jordan. i know some are worried, I appreciate it. Ill be alright. This is where I want to insert jokes bout where to hold the benefit if something goes wrong but I’m told that’s in bad taste. C’mon, it’s gotta be a little funny

I love my brother, I’m blessed to help him. Ill be back onstage soon with a kidney bit
Thanks, if you gotta pray, pray or our doctors

So it seems the surgery is tomorrow and we wanted to pause for a minute to congratulate him on his willingness to do something of this magnitude. Our prayers are with you.

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  1. woody

    Alonzo my prayers are with you that you have a safe operation, and that your brother does well also.


    Willie Brown

  2. LaVance

    What a blessing! My prayers are going up for you both! As I am reading this & responding while doing dialysis at home in my basement. I am approaching my first year and it has been a life-altering event for my wife and family. Being a living donor is great because it allows you and your brother to celebrate his new life together!

    My brother still uses drugs, so if I got his kidney I would be back in rehab! 🙂
    Speedy recovery to you both!

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