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Chris Tucker To Be Sued By 2 More For For His Netflix Special!

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We reported a couple of months ago that comedian Chris Tucker was being sued by comedian Terry Hodges who filed suit against Tucker claiming he did a ton of work – starting in 2008 – for Tucker and his recent Netflix special — editing, writing, acting and producing – and hasn’t been paid in a dime in years, and for not being paid in his recent Netflix special.

Later Tucker counter sued blasting Hodges claiming his generosity was taken advantage of and the man actually owes him over $25k.

Hodges claimed in his lawsuit that he has over $66k in fees, which included traveling to Philadelphia, L.A. and Atlanta and had not received a paycheck regularly since 2011. He also accused Tucker of lying, by telling him that he would be listed as co-producer for the Netflix special. He sued for unspecified damages for the unpaid work he did for Tucker.

On July 28th, Tucker fired back, explaining that he consulted with Hodges in regards to his concert film and to warm up the audience along with introducing him before he came out on stage. However, he says he never hired him to write, edit, produce, act or do voice over announcing for his special.

Yesterday in court it was discovered by our sources that the case is moving forward as the Judge did ask for both sides to come to some sort of agreement and to try and settle this out of court. But while that was developing we discovered that several other individuals are about to file a lawsuit against Tucker also as they are claiming the same thing as Hodges; that they have been working in some degree with him for years and have not been properly compensated. One person stated that their fees are over $80k!

No word yet on how this will play out but the court proceeding were moved to next month.

This story is still developing.


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